On Chat Rooms

A friend of mine belongs to a scuba diving club.  The lads ply the depths of the lakes in southern Ontario around sunken wrecks and other submerged items.  As you can imagine this hobby can be very dangerous.  Club members report any info via their diving site.  All reports must be objective with as much detail as possible and are signed by the persons real name and phone number for clarification.  Lives are at stake here.

Would that the audio chat rooms were the same. The good news is that the internet allows us to say anything. The bad news is that the internet allows us to say anything.  A recent perusal of one of the more popular audio nuthouses reveals some startling facts: Some of the inmates have contributed 2900 + times.  Some over 5000 entries.  There's one at 9000 + and the busiest chap seems to have smashed all previous records with a staggering number of over 57,000 entries! The mind boggles. This character puts his oar in over twenty times a day.  Not much time to attend concerts. Not one of these stalwart audio gurus uses his real name. Lugnutz23 is keen on a particular magic cable followed by Depressedthyroid88 immediately chiming in with "No, I once heard that a guy in Vancouver has a neighbour who's second cousin in Philadelphia once heard that cable and he sez it sucked". Who the hell are these people?

When someone anonymous praises a product is it the manufacturer's brother-in-law?

When someone trashes a product is it the cousin of the competitor doing the deed?

It may not be a matter of life and death but the discussion sites have become a breeding ground for totally irresponsible nitwits.